Kentin/Conversations Edit

==Episode 1== Edit

♥ ''Hey Sweetie, how's it going?''

A. "You?! What are you doing here?!"

B. "Good, how are you? But what are you doing here?"

C. "What?....!!"

♥ 'I'm super happy that my transfer was accepted, I really wanted to be in the same college as you.''

A. "Really? That's nice. Have you finished your registration yet?"

B. "Uh...yeah, that's great, but I have some things to do still..."

C. "I don't believe it! Are you going to follow me around like this for long?!"

♥ ''I hope that the kids in my class are nice.''

A. "There's no reason why they shouldn't be."

B. "Don't count on that too much."

♥ ''Yes =Sweetie=?''

A. "You wouldn't have any money for my registration fees by any chance, would you?"

B. (Don't ask anything else).